A crossroads between Europe and Asia, Istanbul embraces the mystical beauty of the east and the modernity of the west with a centuries long enthusiasm. Nowadays, Istanbul is known for the cosmopolite city life it offers with respect to the historical and natural assets it possesses. Standing between the main transportation axis, Emaar Square Mall offers a chance to enjoy luxury with its unique and inclusive line, since 2017. It offers a luxurious way of living to its visitors with the reputable brands it collaborates.


Brand "Louis Vuitton"

Louis Vuitton, a trunk master in France, established an atelier in Asnières, just northeast of Paris, with less than 20 people in 1854. When the designs caught the eye of the new Parisien elite, the brand established a luxury design offering position. Today, it is named one of the most valuable brands in the world.

The very first boutique of the world renowned brand in Istanbul is located in Nişantaşı, a high-end neighborhood in Istanbul, since 1996. Ever since the first store kicked-off, the brand spread all over the city reaching 5 stores in total with the grand opening of the boutique in Emaar Square Mall.


As arcoglobal, our collaboration with Louis Vuitton was first established in April 2018, with the millwork aspects of Crocus City Mall Pop-up Store in Moscow for the World Cup Events. The level of collaboration increased as the brand announced their projects not only in Turkey but in Europe, Middle East and Russia.

The flagship store in Istanbul New Airport was the first project which we covered both GC and MW aspects with the assistance of an intermediary project management company. So, when another project with a similar workflow and location was announced, it was destined to be a success story in Emaar Square Mall.


This was a complete project with a 600 sqm Sales Area and a 200 sqm Back of House, which spread out to three floors with utterly different characteristics both in design and function. Basement Floor, reserved fully for the Men’s Wear, has a 200 sqm sales area with 2 try-ons and a colourful outdoor lounge, opening up to the main foyer of the Emaar Square Mall.

Moving up, Ground Floor, occupied with the Women’s Wear, has a 250 sqm sales area with 1 try-on. Last but definitely not the least, First Floor, reserved only for the high-end visitors, has two uniquely designed lounges.


Louis Vuitton had a comprehensive change in store design, starting with a new colour palette and clean textures to fulfill the new Louis Vuitton experience. This new concept aims to highlight the merchandises while the store offers a calming venue. With the store in Emaar Square Mall, this concept met with the eyes of the fashion and luxury adorers.

Even though, the store is surrounded with signature points, they do not outshine each other but glorify one another due to their careful arrangements within the store. The star player of the store is, without a doubt, the VIP and the White Room. The choice of furniture and the careful design in layout made the area stand out. The most prestigious delivery for this store came from France and were placed with to their stands with extra caution; two Louis Vuitton Trunks produced originally in the early 19th century. These masterpieces brought to the eyes of their adoring audiences with careful lighting and an in-house landscape arrangement to follow.

Team and Process

The scope of works were distributed within a team of field leaders both in GC and MW departments and then managed accordingly. The teams can be identified by their fields of work: procurement, construction, production and installation. Each team faced their challenges and accomplished to overcome them for the sake of this success story. All these separate teams reported to the project manager in charge.

All construction and production works, such as deconstruction, furniture and material acquisition were carried out by arcoglobal. The project was promptly and faultlessly delivered to Louis Vuitton after a multifaceted operation which involved gathering materials from different countries, evaluating them, exploring new manufacturing processes, seeking various raw materials in the nature, long and challenging R&D phases. To put the words in valuable numbers; construction lasted for 150 days with all of its aspects and more than 50 subcontractors were a part of this process. Production of the furniture occupied 90 of our best workman and lasted 4 months with 25.726 hours. To emphasize the time spent, consider that a year lasts about 8.760 hours. And when finally the furniture arrive to the installation site, it occupied 10 of our best to install the entire store within a month. 103 different materials used in this project was carefully selected and handled during construction, production and installation.


We base our projects on our key values and accelerate from that base. Louis Vuitton Emaar Square Mall Store has a special place in our portfolio since we had a hometown advantage and the ownership for this particular project initiated from this point on. Due to the nature of the constant relationship with the client, their expectation for the best was acknowledged at the earlier stages of the project. The focus on the client and their expectations required a high level of quality in every step of the way. So, we insisted on the highest standards and to accomplish this requirements, which at times became a constant client obsession, we chose the best subcontractors.

Most rewarding part of this project was the constant challenge to develop the best. The best example for this challenge is the Rotunda, the pearl of Ground Floor. Ground Floor, as mentioned before, is reserved for the Women’s Wear and Accessories while the most prestigious merchandises are staged in the Rotunda. The Rotunda has a curvy nature and the design layout was shaped according to this fact. The marble flooring was tailor made for this area and laid with the expertise of special teams. The furniture, on the other hand, are all designed and produced according to the radius. The powder coated profiles and the curved glasses are brought together with careful considerations of the production teams then illuminated with the LED strips to create a stunning visual for the visitors. The idea behind this process was to learn by being curious for the best result. The connection details with respect to aesthetic and material flexibility were produced more than 10 times as mock-ups to discuss with the client. Knowing that the detail produced by our engineering and production departments is being used by Louis Vuitton is another excitement and satisfaction for us.

Managing a project mostly resembles managing a crisis. The risks should always be calculated to take instant action. Sometimes, however, there is not enough time to do the extensive studies that the situation requires. At times like this, speed and the bias for action are what really matters for the success of the projects. A moment of crisis occurred weeks before handover at this project as well. The company responsible for the lighting fixture production informed us with a  quality check problem during their regular product control. A handover or a store opening is not even an option without these fixtures, so, a back up plan was made, instantly. A local company was found and the missing 2000 LED fixtures were produced in 3 days. Fortunately, the shipment was accelerated so the fixtures arrived to the installation site 3 days before the handover. A team of dedicated electricians completed this task within the given time period. Even though, the back up fixtures were never in use, they symbolize the state of mind that our project management team have.

When the process of a project is evaluated with careful considerations that is genuinely requires, there are some points that a team should invent and simplify. These points can sometimes occur during the management phase but the majority of the phases that require simplification mostly occur on site during installation. The elevator core cladding was the greatest example to identify this aspect. The production of wooden panels, with a special finish created with a brush paint to resemble a unique veneer like pattern, are produced in the factory including the curvy panels to match the store design layout. The most important aspect of this particular production of this 250 sqm panels, was the sustainability approach. A team consisting of quality specialist work on this given task from procurement to installation to minimize the errors and the spare parts. This task was completed within the given time period with the relentless effort of the installation team and their efficiency in their process.


This project improved the relationship between both parties with a sense of trust. It was important to elevate the level of relationship and base it on strong grounds with a chance of companionship and collaboration. It was basically a success story for all parties; the in-house teams, different stakeholders and for the client. The project was completed within the given time and the budget limits. The greatest joy was to see our work shine on the day of the grand opening with the excitement of the visitors and media. This store established a benchmark for the luxury retail industry.

written by Elif Büşra Aksoy | Site Specialist